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There is nothing more gratifying than seeing my clients break free of limitations, draw out strengths they didn’t know they had and achieve goals they thought were impossible.


It turns out that they feel the same way, and some have graciously allowed me to share their feelings with you.



Naomi was so helpful to me in reducing my anxiety and focusing me, right before what I knew was going to be a very stressful and potentially explosive meeting. Thanks to Naomi, I was ready, and it was a turning point for me in how I deal with conflict.


Risa Tzohar, Israel


For many years, I've wanted to do something relatively simple: read 10 minutes of a self-improvement book every day. But I never managed to actually do it. When I met with Naomi, in less than one hour she enabled me to vividly feel how much working on self-improvement means to me. Since then, I have succeeded in reading self-improvement books on a daily basis.  


Greg, Israel


I work for a large company where you need to be assertive to get anywhere… but I wasn’t assertive and I felt stuck. Naomi enabled me to change my inner identity and the character traits I associate with myself. I don’t just feel more assertive, or act more assertive; I AM more assertive, and it’s positively affecting my career.


Alex, California


I had very low self-confidence and awful coping mechanisms as a result of severe childhood trauma. Naomi helped me see my own potential to be who I wanted to be and depart from my old patterns of behavior. I always ended our weekly sessions GLOWING. Now all I need is a "tune-up" every few months, to remind me of what I AM NOW. Thank you for improving my and my family’s lives immeasurably.


Raizy, New York 



I came to Naomi because I knew that I had some money-related blocks and I couldn't get rid of them on my own. It was an incredible session with tremendous insight; I was able to release so many stories and emotions that I was holding, allowing me to move forward unencumbered.


Shellie, Israel


Between a high-pressure hi-tech job and a house full of teenagers, my anxiety levels were through the roof. I had been to other counselors, but the advice I was usually given was “breathe” or “meditate” and it just did not work for me! When I came to Naomi, she wasn’t tied to one approach. We tried multiple methods until we found one that I felt was a good fit with my life and personality. Thanks to Naomi’s expertise and flexibility, I now have the tools to maintain calm and control even when life gets pressured.


Rebecca, Israel 


Naomi offered me a range of services as a Transformation Coach. I had three NLP sessions with her via Zoom. Her warm and empathic guidance helped me visualize my dream, and anchor it in my body and in my consciousness. I feel more open to new and wonderful possibilities. Thank you, Naomi!  


Devra, Israel


Naomi helped me to totally shift my perspective on the relationship and financial difficulties I face on a daily basis. Before, I felt trapped, stuck, not in control of my life. Naomi enabled me to appreciate my feelings and, at the same time, visualize a different life. My external situation hasn’t changed, but internally I feel free, with the ability to move forward and live the life I want to live. 


Carmit, Israel


Naomi helped me to release the deep anger I held against my family and community for not believing me about my abusive husband. I was able to find my inner strength and wisdom and see an amazing improvement to my physical and emotional well-being. I am now married to a man who loves and respects me.


Name withheld, New Jersey


Two years after a messy divorce, I finally found Mr. Right. The only problem was that Mr. Right had the wrong tattoo: the exact design my ex-husband had. It was too much of a negative association for me to move forward, even though I knew it was silly to let that stand in the way. Working with Naomi enabled me to overcome my sensitivity to the tattoo and marry my new husband with calm, joy and peace of mind.


Diana, Washington, D.C.


I felt my lack of self-confidence was keeping me back socially and professionally (I am a health practitioner). I was fortunate to have a few sessions with Naomi where we worked with Modeling and Swish. I noticed a difference in my self-confidence from the first session, and continual changes as the days went by. I feel that I am now a much more successful health practitioner and person because of my work with Naomi.


Carlee, Dubai 


Intuitive and compassionate, Naomi helped me identify areas and emotions in my life that were keeping me stuck. Through guided imagery, I felt refreshed and less encumbered by the past that was influencing my present.


Sara Dina, Israel

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