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Break Free of Bad Habits

The strength to change is within you… but sometimes you need help

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $340 for 4 sessions
  • Bet Shemesh

Service Description

“I wish I could quit smoking for good.” “I’m embarrassed to even admit I pull out my hair, but I don’t know how to stop.” “I need to be able to resist the urge to reach for chocolate whenever I’m stressed.” The strength to change is within you… but sometimes you need help finding and actualizing it. The internal conflict of deeply wanting to break the habit but at the same time feeling the need to continue is often too strong to overcome alone. That’s why I’m here. In a short-term, results-based process, my role is to guide you in harnessing your innate ability to alter your habits. You do have it within you. As we work together, you’ll be able to rid yourself of negative or embarrassing behaviors, and feel confident that how you act and present yourself externally is an accurate reflection of who you are internally and what you truly want. I had very low self-confidence and awful coping mechanisms as a result of severe childhood trauma. Naomi helped me see my own potential to be who I wanted to be and depart from my old patterns of behavior. I always ended our weekly sessions GLOWING. Now all I need is a "tune-up" every few months, to remind me of what I AM NOW. Thank you for improving my and my family’s lives immeasurably. Raizy, New York

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  • Bet Shemesh, Israel

    054 623 6760

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